The Partita Violin

The Partita Violin 4/4


The Partita violin is a beautifully hand-made violin with a clear, resonant sound that projects in both chamber and orchestral music suiting the soloist and ensemble player equally.

Coming with superb boxwood fittings, a 1st Grade Ebony fingerboard, the finest Despiau sycamore maple bridge and Pirastro Obligato strings as standard, The Partita Violin represents exceptional value for money.

The Partita is set-up by James Powell himself. The set-up, as is customary with all instruments from James Powell Violins, pays detailed attention to the fitting of the bridge and pegs, the shaping of the nut and the setting and shooting of the fingerboard all of which are critical to the playability of the instrument.



The Partita Violin Outfit

The Partita violin also comes as an outfit including a Pernambuco bow, a lightweight, shaped cases and a fully adjustable shoulder rest.

Excellent value to 'walk away, ready to play'.


To come and try this instrument please call James on 01823 330766


J, Haide Antiqued violin

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The Symphony, Sonata, Concerto, Artiste & Partita are graded and available in Rosewood, Ebony and Boxwood fittings.

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James Powell prides himself on ‘one standard of work’ whether the instrument is worth £300 or £30,000.

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From entry level factory instruments to the treasured antique instruments of London professionals, his meticulous attention to detail in setting-up instruments is what makes the difference at James Powell Violins.

James Powell Fitting a soundpost patch

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